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Blogging my way through baking 100 different cakes in one year.

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Cake Eight: Apple, Cinnamon and Cider Cake

I have a soft spot for Rick Stein. His recipes can be infuriatingly precise (who measures garlic in grams when cloves will do?) and I’m sure there’s something to be criticised in his Far Eastern Odysseys, but the books are beautifully photographed and the recipes are so real – when you read them on the…

Cake Seven: Chocolate Stout Cake

I have been a bit slack writing blog posts of late. I kept at it with the cakes though, but making two a week started to seem a bit pointless since there’s no-one much around to share them with. I am also acutely conscious that while lockdown is a total drag, I’m one of the…

Cake Six: Green Tea Drizzle Cake

This week’s lockup menu has included some Asian-inspired meals. Mapo tofu (one of the only tofu recipes I actually like) and handmade chicken and mushroom dumplings, and rice noodle chicken salad. I was on the hunt for a cake that would complement these meals and the Wagamama cookbook came to the rescue. I discovered Wagamama…

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