The Rules = My Rules

Some of you have been asking me questions about the challenge. Like, “Is a pancake a cake?” “Is a cheesecake a cake?” “Banana loaf?” “Swedish fishcakes?” (For the record: No; It depends; Yes; No – you monster!).

I made this challenge for myself, and while I said in my last post that when I set challenges I see them through, this doesn’t mean that I have to slavishly adhere to others’ rules, or stress myself out with definitions and regulations. I can do that in my paid work and this challenge is meant to be fun! However, there do have to be some rules, so here we go.

Rule One: Each cake has to be from a different recipe. Obviously, there is more than one recipe out there for banana cake, so what I mean here is that the fundamental instructions and ingredients have to be different each time. A banana cake made with eggs and butter is not the same recipe as a vegan banana cake, but a banana cake made with two eggs and one cup of sugar is the same recipe as a banana cake made with one egg and two cups of sugar, even though they wouldn’t end up tasting the same. Far out, I could make 100 banana cakes if I wanted to and that would be boring.

Rule Two: Muffins are not cakes. I’ve gone back and forth over this one because I accept that the mixture is made by following the same principles, but I have now decided. Remember, these are my rules.

Rule Three: Cupcakes are cakes. CupCAKES.

Rule Four: Baked cheesecakes are cakes. Unbaked ones (which in my opinion are the more delicious and much easier type) are not. Mr IK, if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten I owe you a cheese cake.

Rule Five: Apart from muffins (see Rule Two), the shape of the cake tin does not dictate whether or not something is a cake. Cake baked in a loaf tin is still a cake.

Rule Six: The addition or switching up of icing on the same base cake does not constitute a different recipe.

Rule Seven: This should go without saying, but I am always a little weirded out by North American recipe instructions… All of the cakes are made from scratch. No packet cake mix is going to be used for this challenge. Flour, butter, eggs, sugar, etc.

Rule Eight: This is one for my readers, please. All of us have different views about what constitutes healthy and/or ethical eating. I follow a cooked, omnivorous diet, and encourage my family to do the same at this stage. I drink alcohol and I eat sugar. I am not afraid of a bit of food colouring or MSG. I love deep fried things. Sometimes I will eat vegan, and sometimes I won’t. Please don’t use the comments section on this site to tell people that what they’re eating or cooking is wrong. Practice kindness and respect. Listen to science. Pick your battles.


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