Cake Eight: Apple, Cinnamon and Cider Cake

I have a soft spot for Rick Stein. His recipes can be infuriatingly precise (who measures garlic in grams when cloves will do?) and I’m sure there’s something to be criticised in his Far Eastern Odysseys, but the books are beautifully photographed and the recipes are so real – when you read them on theContinue reading “Cake Eight: Apple, Cinnamon and Cider Cake”

Cake Seven: Chocolate Stout Cake

I have been a bit slack writing blog posts of late. I kept at it with the cakes though, but making two a week started to seem a bit pointless since there’s no-one much around to share them with. I am also acutely conscious that while lockdown is a total drag, I’m one of theContinue reading “Cake Seven: Chocolate Stout Cake”

Cake Three: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

This cake is made in honour of the second birthday of a little friend of mine. His mum and dad love The Princess Bride so much that one of his names is that of a character in the film. No, not Buttercup. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the PB, the one timeContinue reading “Cake Three: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake”

Cake Two: Upside-Down Plum Cake

Cake two was delicious. The perfect cake for after dinner on an autumn evening – warm, and saucy, with tart purple plums and a crust that had just started to caramelise. So good. The recipe comes from a book called “Riverstone Kitchen – recipes from a chef’s garden”, by Bevan Smith. Bevan and his wifeContinue reading “Cake Two: Upside-Down Plum Cake”

Cake One: Raspberry Sour Cream Cake

I decided I’d better get started, but I had a lot of other stuff to do today so kept things pretty simple with Nigella Lawson’s Raspberry-Flecked Sour Cream Cake from her “At My Table” book. I love Nigella, you should check out her website, and you can find out more about “At My Table” atContinue reading “Cake One: Raspberry Sour Cream Cake”

The Rules = My Rules

Some of you have been asking me questions about the challenge. Like, “Is a pancake a cake?” “Is a cheesecake a cake?” “Banana loaf?” “Swedish fishcakes?” (For the record: No; It depends; Yes; No – you monster!). I made this challenge for myself, and while I said in my last post that when I setContinue reading “The Rules = My Rules”

Starting something new in a time of change.

A lot has happened in the past few days. To put it mildly. Over a third of the world’s population is in lockdown. Almost all of the businesses in New Zealand are closed. We are allowed out of our homes only to go to the supermarket or to access healthcare, or to get fresh airContinue reading “Starting something new in a time of change.”